Classes for students who have completed the course Computer Graphics - Raster Graphics

The curriculum of the Vector Graphic Arts course is mainly about improving graphic skills based on the latest programs and applications. The classes allow to make decisive steps in the world of advanced computer graphics and photo retouching.

  • 5 meetings (once a week)

  • 2 x 45 min (every meeting)

General description

The course "Computer Graphics - Vector Graphics" is aimed at students who are just beginning their adventure with vector graphics and want to learn how to create graphic designs. During the vector graphics lesson they will learn how to create logos, advertising leaflets, posters, invitations, graphics to share on Facebook or Instagram. During the course the basic issues needed to start learning computer graphic design will be presented. During the course the student will learn the Inkscape program.


The lesson aims to introduce the students to what graphic design is and to familiarize them with the work of a graphic designer. They will learn what the difference between raster and vector graphics is.
Basic program tools and functions. Students will become familiar with the interface of Inkscape. The aim of the lesson is to learn the basic tools and functions of the program. The student will learn what layers, grids and guides are by performing simple exercises demonstrating the principle of their operation.
The aim of the lesson is to create a logo for the visual identification of the company, the football team, the music band and to familiarize with the principles of workspace organization.
The aim of the lesson is to create an invitation to a birthday party and learn how to prepare graphics for publication on the Internet.
The aim of the lesson is to create a vacation postcard and a poster - a concert, a theatrical performance or a dance performance - and to summarize the knowledge gained.