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You need to be able to use mouse, write, read and count to 20.

We will check your reflexes. Hackers’ attacks can be really quick and surprising - try to get as many points as possible and defeat all hackers! Be careful and don’t destroy any part of our supercomputer - otherwise the Internet all over the world will be turned off! Can you do it?

  • 1 class (workshop)

  • 2 x 45 min (every meeting)

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test dubai The classes introduce participants to the basics of programming. The workshops use the Scratch programming environment and it's great possibilities. It is a web-based environment that allows you to create scripts with multi-colored blocks. Each block represents a different function in programming. Each project can be tested right away and the students can take the created game home with them or share it with their friends.

Plan of the course

The goal of this workshop is to learn about the Scratch environment and use it to code your own computer games.