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Coding Giants is an innovative institution, where we educate young people interested in new technologies how to program and create computer games, mobile applications, websites and 3D graphics.

We want to inspire young people with our passion for programming. We believe that learning to program develops not only digital skills, giving a better start into the future, but - more importantly - stimulates the mental development of a child. The mission of our school is to make this knowledge available to the widest possible range of young people, broaden their horizons, give space to develop their creativity, and constantly support students in creating their own future.

Coding Giants' courses are targeted at children aged 7-19. The curriculum has been developed by experienced programmers that are skilled to tailor both content and methodology to each of the four age groups we cover.

See how simple it is!
  • What will you gain with Giants?

  • You will learn the proven standards
    of managing the educational institution

  • You will use the Coding Giants brand and take advantage of our marketing best practices

  • You will save time and money
    using our experience and know-how

  • We will support you when the recruitment of professional coding trainers

  • You will receive training scripts for classes as well as educational materials for students

  • You will get samples of documents and marketing materials

  • You will get access to our extensive CRM system to facilitate the handling of records, payments and communication with customers

  • What do we expect from a Franchisee?

  • Motivation and willingness to act on a large scale

  • A facility with an area of at least 30 m2 in an attractive location

  • Diligence and loyalty in running a business

  • Understanding the local educational market

  • Recommended: experience in running business or gained on some managerial position

  • Basic programming skills and knowledge of IT - recommended but not essential

Investments and payback

Starting from €8,000

Initial license fee, equipment, furnishing of the premises

6-12 months

Estimated payback period

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